Sunday, November 30, 2014

Chair repair

I posted this photo of my before and after of this cute chair yesterday on my Facebook,  now it's time to show you how it was spruced up.
First the chair was in bad shape,  it was not stable at all to sit on and it had big gaps where the wood was seperating.
You can see the finish nails sticking out.
The whole thing needed to be re-glued and re-nailed. 
We had to fix,  glue, clamp and nail each piece. 
Here are four clamps holding in the back as it dried and as we filled the tiny holes with wood filler.  
After all of it was dry,  it was time to do the first coat of paint.   It always looks really streaky with the first coat, especially with the dark wood underneath.  
After the second coat the color was much better.  I reupholstered the seat with the same beautiful fabric I had used on the tufted ottoman I made a few days ago.  
I then waxed it and slightly distressed the details to show off the beautiful touches of why I fell in love with the chair to begin with.  
The chair is part of this set of pieces that are making their way home together.  I think they will look fabulous in their new home.  Thanks for following my blog and I hope to be showing you more projects very soon! 

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  1. Lovely set, Lori. I know the new owner will just love them.