Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mouse Pad

I wanted to show you how I spruced up this mousepad.  First it came home looking like this. 
My 6 year old had won it in her school's carnival. I need a mousepad since I am taking night school, but one that looks like a prescription pad is definitely not my style.  So I gathered some scrap materials from around the house and tried them out. 
I was going to use the turquoise circles but the white part of the material was too thin and you could see the writing underneath. 
I used the spray adhesive very liberally on the mousepad. Then I laid the material out over the sticky mousepad and I pressed and stretched out all the bubbles and wrinkles. After I used my rotary cutter on my Silhouette Cameo cutting board to trim the fabric.  I went back with my sharp fabric scissors to make sure all the strings were cut. 
It cost me nothing since I got the mousepad for free and I had all the other materials here at home. I think this is an easy way to update an old mousepad or just make it match your own unique style. The total makeover time was less than five minutes.

Have a great day! 
Love, Lori

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rolling along

The VW Bus dresser is coming along nicely now. I got the windows, wipers and the headlights on! 
It just has a few more steps and a clear coat before I can call it done. 
I put a VW symbol on top just for fun as well. This little baby has come a long way! 
I couldn't find the hood ornament I wanted, so I cut one out of wood and patched and painted it to look like an authentic one. I was happy to get some use out of my Ryobi bandsaw I purchased early this spring. 
After I glued and wood filled the cuts, it painted up nicely. 
Here it is before the windows and the detail striping. I had just clamped the headlights to estimate the location they would be mounted on. 
I sponged on the top logo and then I went back and did the edge in metallic silver as well. 
Here it is before the lights. 
And here it is again after.  I am going to finish with a few more details but this piece doesn't have an owner quite yet. If you are interested it will be $199 for pickup here in Utah.  Please contact me if it's something you would like in your home.