Saturday, June 27, 2015

A long, long time.... In a galaxy very close by

So unfortunately this isn't a Star Wars post, though I do love the show. 
  The long, long time is in reference to how long it's been since I have posted.  It's summer time and having my little fashionistas home with me 24/7 has given me much less time to work on home decorating and furniture than I had hoped.  I do have a bit to show you.  Remember when I said I was dreaming of buying Beddy's zip up bedding for my girls? I still dream of it (I LOVE their styles) but I am on a very limited budget.  For now I found a less expensive solution and I purchased Zipit bedding for their bunk beds. 
This is their beds now. I had them make it. -I wish I would have tucked in the bottom one for the photo-  The bedding is a fitted sheet that zips on both sides and attaches to the comforter and one standard pillowcase.  Any additional pillows or accessories don't come with it.  Each of these costs approximately $50 so around $100 for both bunks was a good value to me.  The Beddy's seem like a much higher quality bedding set start around $250 each. 
Making their beds is super easy now they just zip up the side and arrange the pillows. It takes about 5 seconds and no tears and that is nice because it's so hard to make bunk beds! When I ordered the bedding and I was about to check out with two in my cart, it said it would waive shipping and handling if I ordered another. I was curious if it would do this on one bed set and make the overall purchase price less and YES, it did! So if you decide to order 2 or more, only put one in your cart and then it will make you a "deal" to get more.
I saw these cute turquoise curtains at Target the other day and since my girls have decided on hot pink and turquoise, I may have to pick them up on another visit. 
   I have also been working on my VW bus dresser. 
I have a little model car on top for perspective. I want to move the turquoise color lines up higher because they are too low for a bumper and license plate to be added and I really want to have those. All the lights are just clamped in place right now but they will be bolted on eventually.  The colors would match my girls new color palette for their room but I haven't decided quite yet if I will keep it. It is still up in the air if I will sell it, keep it in the garage to hold my tools or add it to the collection of random furniture in the house. I do like that the headlights work. When I get done with it, I will do a blog post about how I got them all to work including the little yellow safety lights. 

I hope you are having a wonderful day! 
Love Lori