Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vw dresser still in production

With both of my fashionista's in school full time I am excited I am getting back to work! I haven't sat down and blogged or had much time to paint, or build all summer.  These crazy gals keep me busy and I love spending time with them. 
With the girls gone all day, it's time for this mom to play! I am working on overall better health first and foremost (mind, body, spirit). I have been meeting with a personal trainer at Vasa fitness once a week and exercising as many days a week as possible 3-5.  I lost 5 inches on my waist so far but the weight hasn't gone down much. 
  I see a nutritionist soon (my insurance covers 5 visits with for free) to help get my diet more in line with my goals.  I have been listening to books on CD in the car and at home to get my mind active. The public library has oodles! I really recommend trying it out.
I went to a week long church retreat, and I start part-time online college at BYU-I next month.  I am really trying to work on self-improvement without getting overloaded, I will let you know if it works. 😉 
  So on to the fun stuff! I started working again on my VW bus dresser.  
I raised up the blue line a bit and I added a silver trim line.  It's not much of a difference so far but I am happy for any progress. 
Soon I will add the lights back on permanently, put windows and the windshield wipers and finish the tiny details.  Here it was with the lights clamped on in the spring.  I think raising the blue and adding silver really added to it.
They are fun working lights and the small ones are the yellow blinker ones.  I was at a local VW dealership looking for my future mid-life crisis mobile. (I am wanting a convertible VW bug someday in the distant future) On the wall of the dealership I saw this graphic. 
VW's are just fun to me. My first car was a Jetta that I purchased a year before my wedding and I loved that little thing. We sold it for a "family wagon" but since we are only able to have the two kids, I am thinking a zippy fun car is in the works for the future once again.  

*update* windows are on and here is me adding a touch of chrome trim to them. I love the shiny silver. I used silver guilders paste and my finger between the tape lines.