Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My dresser dreams

I have absolutely the best friends, and family that are constantly on the lookout for projects for me.  My sister Lynette was on her way to work when she saw that her neighbor had left this dresser on the curb. 
She knew I would love it, although it's missing several drawers and needs a lot of work.... I am beyond thrilled!   
I have had a plan rattling around in my brain for awhile and I just need the right parts.  I want to make a double vanity,  vessel sink!  
This is a sink of my daydreams. (not quite in black though)  I like lighter colors or stained woods for this one.  You may ask.... What do you do with the missing drawer space?  My answer is.... Covered plumbing in the back and one shelf on each side in front. 
This one used a shelf for towels and baskets on the sides to make up the missing space.  I think it looks great! 
This one leaves the bottom half wide open for towels and tissues. 
So many ideas and designs...  I would only use the bottom and middle drawers for mine.  I will remove the mid-drawer frame, put a back board in the space to hide the plumbing once it's in.   Now I just need to save up for the sink hardware.  
It's a long ways away from where I want it to be, but I think these photographs of other sinks show what this piece could be someday. 

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