Tuesday, October 28, 2014

IKEA hack toddler bed into a bench

Today I started out with a "Kritter" IKEA bench my mom purchased for me at a second-hand store.  She thought I may be able to do something with it.  So here it is as it was. 
Nothing special or fancy but cute.  First I started by cutting the footboard in half.
I used my jigsaw and followed the line.  
I then used my Kreg Jig to drill pocket holes in the sides of the footboard on the inside of where the seat will be. 
After,  I measured some scrap 1x4's I had in my garage and I cut them with my miter saw and then drilled more pocket screws. 
After I attached the seat supports,  I used wood filler to fill in some of the holes that came with the bed and I also filled in the upper set of pocket screws because when the bench is done they would show. 
I then painted it ballet slipper pink with some homeade chalk paint.  
I used a piece of scrap MDF to make the seat for the bench.
I cut out a piece of foam and spray glued it to the MDF
Then I added another layer of spray glue on top of the foam and added a layer of soft batting to take away the square box shape of the foam on the top and front side of the foam (not the back or sides so it would still fit. 
Now it's staple time!  Yes,  I let my kids help me with most of my projects when I can.  My oldest is 8,  I call her "adventure baby" because she is always up for new challenges.  My baby 5,  is nicknamed "danger baby" because she is so full of curiosity and life and I usually find her doing something dangerous.   They love it and I love spending time with them, teaching them to use tools, and helping build their confidence. 
Seat cushion is done!  Now for the back of the little bench.  I really want to make it look like a vintage old lady settee. 
Now that the cushion is complete you can start to see the shap of how I want it.  
I next measured and cut fabric for the front panel and stapled it on.
After looking at it I definitely want to do some button tufts on the front so I carefully drilled three holes to put the buttons through later.
I cut fabric ovals and padded and stapled them on the arm rests to aid in the overall look of the sofa.  It looks pretty rough in the photos but when it's finished and trimmed with ribbon, it will clean up nicely.  
I used a button cover kit to make the 3 buttons for the back panel.
I then knotted and stapled the strings to the back.  The staples would not go into the sheep so I had to staple them to the wood in between them. 
I padded the back panel of the bench then placed fabric across the back. 
Now except a few touch ups the child bench is all done.  
Now it gets to wait until Christmas for my dear Niece's 5 year old daughter. 

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