Saturday, November 8, 2014

Refinishing Buffet Table

This piece has come and gone but I until now have neglected doing a blog post about it.  I wish I would have taken a before photo,  the whole thing was painted a boring flat black.  I started painting it Old Ocre (an off white) when it occurred to me that I wanted the top stripped and dark stained.  
I began the process of stripping the top and preparing the wood for stain.  It was a bit of a long process but underneath was a beautiful piece of wood. 
This was after the first coat of stain,  still not dark enough for what I wanted.
I got it a much deeper color and then finished the light color of paint.  
I painted the hardware and then antiqued it with German Silver guilders paste but I wasn't happy with the light knobs with the dark top.  So I took them off and did a top coat in black and then quickly wiped the black off to have it only remain in the creases. 
After they dried I re-added new guilders paste on top to add depth.  I LOVE the way this turned out! 
After I put the knobs back on,  it was time to do the insides.  I wanted to go for a pop of color,  I went with a light turquoise. 
When it was all done I sealed the whole piece and antiqued the doors a little bit.  
So here it is all finished before it sold.  It was a real work of love.  It was a great piece,  one of my absolute favorites!


  1. It was a beautiful piece! You really have developed a talent for refinishing. I am intimidated by paints and stains. Good thing my husband, son and DIL are so good at it!

    1. Thank you! It has fun doing these projects. Now when Geoff goes to Home Depot to grab stuff for work, I enjoy going with him and finding new tricks and and tools to try.

  2. Oh my, I wouldn't have wanted to part with it after all that work, and it turned out so lovely!!

    1. Thank you so much! I do want to keep every piece I make or refinish. It's my therapy to fix things up.

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