Monday, November 10, 2014

Odds and ends

I spent a good amount of my weekend working on projects.  I have a headboard bench I will be finishing up and showing everyone soon,  and hopefully making more progress on some inside decorating as well.  There is a cold front coming in and I am listening to the wind blow and realizing my days of enjoying the fall weather while working outside are coming to an end.  I went to wash my brushes out in the back hose and several feet of ice came out.  
I am so not ready for freezing temperatures but ready or not,  here it comes!   It is November after all so I have been very lucky to enjoy the warmth this long.  
We broke in the new finish nailer my sweet husband got me a few days ago.  I must admit,  I am intimidated by using air tools.  The noise of the air compressor and the pellet shot like noises of the nailer kind of startle me everytime.  I am much more comfortable with the sounds of electric power tools but with how nice the air nailer worked and the tiny holes it makes,  I will learn to tune out the noise!
Around 9 o'clock last night I finally came to bed after filling some holes,  trying to decide the next steps on the bench, and just enjoying how things are turning out. 
I am looking forward to showing everyone what the bench is looking like and I am hoping for a few more warm days so I can get it painted!  
Thanks for sharing my furniture journey.
Love,  Lori

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  1. After all these years I have never gotten used to the sound of the air compressors. I jump three feet off the ground every time!