Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Finishing touches part #2 of the ottoman

The ottoman is done!   But I have left out how I finished it up and if you are trying to make your own you need these last few steps.
Last time I posted it looked like this,  the top could still easily slide off and it was far from being finished. 
I flipped the foam over to show the back and I used a high tack spray adhesive.  You want to make sure it is liberally applied to have a good adhesion later. 
Then I tucked the batting under the lip of the foam by the wood edge.  This makes it so much easier and cleaner when you staple the fabric.   The staples on all sides also makes the foam sliding around much more difficult.
Once the edge is completely stapled all the way around you cover the staples in decorative trim ribbon. 
This covers nicely and gives it a professional looking edge.  My goal is to get better and better at each of these steps and to make my projects beautiful at every angle.  
This transformation from where this scratched up old table was when we started, to becoming a beautiful and soft tufted ottoman, makes something new and loved from something that was once unwanted.  This will look gorgeous at the bottom of a bed or in a livingroom for added seating and a pop of color. 

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