Friday, February 10, 2017

Pirate playhouse

I had the great pleasure of getting to transform this awesome playhouse into every young pirates dream.  Here it is during construction.  The talented guys at Millgate Homes did the construction and I came in later to give it some fun additional character.  
Here are the bare bones, it was a whole lotta brown but it ended up looking much different. 
On the inside and outside I painted the brown to look like weathered old boards first. We wanted it to have that old pirate shack feel.  I then came in and painted the porthole window and ghost ship inside.  
Every pirate needs a treasure map! This fun family includes a kind daughter, several small boys and creative parents, we had fun including lots of surprises for the kids: including the rats. 
I think the rats are pretty cute additions to the house!
They scurry and scamper across the floor. 
They look like they are enjoying their new home! 
Now for the outside, they have treasure and a black crow, skull and swords and a sky.  They have put up stars stickers on the sky for a neat glow at night!
This big Kracken is fun, he is ready to grab the ladder and climb up to the top of the crows nest.  At night and aided by a black light the kraken gives off an intense glow. 
So much fun! The family had a great indoor turf installed and it was soft and fun to walk on.  The boys at Backyard Greens did an excellent job putting that in.  The grass is soft, even for the crabs who steal off with the treasure one coin at a time.  
I tried to include lots of hidden little points of interest for the family. It made me so happy to have the kids pop in each day to see what I was working on. 
This crow stands guard, as well as the sign to warn people to stay away. 
There are fun things to see all over the room. 
A skull is a warning, with swords that also gives off an eerie glow. 
 On the other side of the room is a rock climbing wall, painted like a cave. -I wish I had some more photos of that side of the room.... next week I will.  I painted a few bat friends to climb up to.   
It's always better to climb with friends! The family had so many great ideas and also let me incorporate a few of my own creative touches, they were an absolute delight to work with.  
All together I think the room turned out awesome! I realize I need a few more photos of things I have accidentally left out, I'll get those next week and show you what else I have been up to in the room. 
More to come! Please keep checking back.

Love, Lori 


  1. Fantastic! I'm in love with every bit of it! Can't wait to see more :) <3 Kristen