Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lights, camera, accident!

I was in a hurry to get to the Home Depot lighting class.  I was meeting my good friend Scott there who I haven't seen in about 2 years.  I jumped into my car and started backing up when I felt the hit.  My 5 year old had left her small bike in the driveway right behind my SUV.  It was crunch time! 
Normally wheels are not supposed to be taco shaped, I hear.  I pulled it up by the front door to show my husband, I had to go.  I left it to him to break the bad news.
I made it to the lighting & electrical class. I am at Home Depot about every other day and I never noticed this wall before.  They have a dedicated station to teach people how to wire plugs, ceiling lights and switches.  
This is my buddy Scott.  He mastered the outlets like a boss!  The instructors were great and they took the time for each of us to try out each station.  
I told these gentlemen they were going in my blog.  Each one was very cool about it.  The group was small and the instructor spent a good two hours showing us so much about how to wire our own electrical switches and sockets.
The instructor is a professional electrician  and he was incredibly knowledgeable about code and simple tricks to make it easier and less intimidating.  I so far have been the only girl in these classes.  I really would love other ladies to come join in. 
When I learned how easy it is to change out a light fixture, I kicked myself for not learning this earlier.  My hubby is exceptionally handy but working long hours doing construction, makes him not enthusiastic about doing it at home.  I could save us both a bunch of stress learning to change things out myself.  
Here is my hand after wiring this light switch.  Oh yeah, I rocked it.  Around my place we have a lot of sockets that a plug just falls out of because they are old and loose from wear.  I may just have to change them out to ones that will hold a plug again.  
He showed us all the tools and what they were for, from beginners to pro's.  We learned SO MUCH, I honestly couldn't remember it all.  I was also having too much fun joking around with my buddy.  The teacher said if I needed help mid-project to just call the store and he would walk me through the details again. As for the broken bike..... 
The frame was bent, the tire was toast and the training wheels were destroyed.  I had a talk with my little lady & we made a deal that we both would be more responsible.  Her with not parking behind my car and me with checking before I drive.  
We ended the day with replacing what was lost.  I learned my lesson and I hope she did too.  It was a very informative day all around.  

P.S. I am not sponsored by Home Depot yet but I would love it because I use their products.  I just think more people would benefit from their free classes and help.  Also please click on the Bloglovin button to follow me.  

Friday, February 27, 2015

Console table almost built

So this is me, I don't think I have ever put a photo of myself on my blog before.   I am standing in front of my table saw of death that I used quite a bit today. 
I usually sweet talk my Hubster into doing the cuts for me on this bad boy, but I didn't want to wait for him to get off work.  I used my styling safety glasses (always use safety gear) because I don't want to loose a finger due to sawdust in my eye and make a mistake.  Safety glasses are inexpensive, sometimes even free with a coupon from Harbor Freight.  Last time I showed you the console table I am building, and it looked like this. 
I am so pleased that I have made good progress on it the last few days.  
Here it is again mid-project.  I had built and routed drawer fronts but they ended up being too heavy and bulky.  
When I put them on, they stuck out way too far and gave it a heaviness that looked odd. I went back and cut thinner pieces that seemed more elegant.  I am saving them though, when all is said and done, I want to make sure the whole piece looks cohesive.  May the best drawer front win! 
The picture above is the thicker drawer fronts and the picture below has the thinner ones. 
If it looks like it's on an angle, it is.  I need to build the back of the drawer next.  I am almost done with the structure, tomorrow I am hoping the build will be complete. (Fingers crossed!) 
On the table saw, I used a piece of scrap wood to test the depth of the cuts I needed.  I am carving out the track to hold in the bottoms of the drawers. It's the same technique we used on the IKEA hack for the card catalog front.  
When I found the right depth,  I cut the fronts.  To keep my fingers intact, I placed a board on top was able to use it as a barrier just in case the blade came all the way through.  Luckily it didn't cut all the way through, but better safe then sorry.  Tomorrow is Home Depot free class day, I am excited to learn about lighting.  This way I can swap out my own fixtures someday if needed.  My 5 year old just came and removed my safety glasses and put her Burger King crown on me, she said "work is done,  now you're a queen."  So it's time for me to go, this queen is wanted by her princesses.  Have a great day!  
Love,  Lori

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kelly's hutch complete

Here she is 100% complete and glass back in safely! 
Every piece I wish 2 things,  that I was an octopus, and that I was instantly smarter.
 I am not saying that I am dumb.  If I was just a little smarter,  I could figure things out much easier.  I guess I will get there, as I keep trying new things and gaining experience. 
 As for the octopus part,  having 8 arms would have helped get the hinges,  screws, and glass into place much faster.  
Here is the before photo.  It looks very different.   To show you the steps I did for the final details,  I will start with the hinges.  
I had previously sprayed the hinges black but when you install the screws,  the screws still are brassy.  Here is how you get them to match.  
Use the same spray paint, but spray inside a paper or plastic cup.  Then, take a small brush and dip it in the paint at the bottom.  Moving quickly because the spray dries fast,  paint the screw heads.  
Then the screws match the painted hinges and it's much easier than trying to spray the screws and have the little pieces blow all over.  That is a tip I picked up from my hubby.  This is the type of stuff he usually paints. 
Well,  I am off to get back to work.  Have a great and productive day!  Love, Lori 


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kelly's credenza

I am refinishing this hutch for my friend Kelly.  
She wants it a little bit more modern and updated.  It's a nice solid 2 piece and I figured it would be an easy paint in between times I get stumped working on my build of the sofa table.  
I removed all the hardware,  glass and magnets and masked off the drawers. The color is matched to the Annie Sloan Old White.  This color is quickly becoming one of my favorites to use. 
I sprayed the hardware with the hammered metal spray.  I love this dark & light contrast combo. 
   I usually only work about 3hrs a day on a good day because of home and family demands,  lately I am doing a bit more because I have so much to do.  It gets tricky because I get "helpers" helping too much if I don't wait until my youngest is safely at Kindergarten.  
I had to get work done, so my baby asked if she could work too.  I gave her the windex and some paper towels.  Even if the photo doesn't look like it,  she loves being on the car washing the windows.
I am lightly sanding and distressing the edges and corners.  It helps bring out the contrast.  
It's almost done,  it's getting so close!  It should be ready tomorrow.  I just need to put the glass and door magnets back in and to finish any last minute touch-up's and distressing.  It might be another day to give my baby another job.  
Most parents wouldn't hand their 5 year old a board, nails, and a hammer.  This kid is actually really great with them!  We have been taking her to Home Depot in the first Saturday of each month for their free kids craft since she was 2.  It's a great way to keep her entertained.  Then I can put the finishing touches on this hutch! 
  Also,  I am getting so close on my console table,  I am going to not do any new projects until I get that done.  It has been such a challenge. (in a good way) I really enjoy things that make me have to learn new skills, and it's also maddening.  I cut and routed the drawer fronts but I don't like the thickness, so I went back and got new wood.  I want to make it as perfect as possible.  It's becoming my great white whale that I must conquer.   Thanks to all of you who read my blog! 
It's neat to see so many people from all over the world checking in to see it. 
Over 16,000 views!  That is incredible to me.  Thank you so much,  I hope to not disappoint.  Have a great day,  I would LOVE to see what you are working on around your place.  Please feel free to send in photos or ask questions.  
Sincerely,  Lori Hatfield 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Home Depot Class

I went to the Home Depot class on how to install and plumb a bathroom vanity this morning.  I was surprised that there was only two of us there for the class.  The small size was actually great in the end.  We could get in,  ask our questions and get done at our own speed. 
The instructor pulled packages of the pipes we would need off the shelves. He showed us how to apply plumbers putty and silicone to all the right places.  It was much easier (and less expensive) than I thought it would be.  
He took us through all the steps,  gaskets, and how to change out the pipes.  
I am pretty confident that in a pinch I could put in a whole new vanity by myself.  I was surprised how easy it was to do, compared to how complicated I thought it would be.  The whole class, plus all the questions we could come up with took just under an hour.  If you are ever interested in taking their free classes,  I would highly recommend it!  

Friday, February 20, 2015

Free first class

I am excited for tomorrow,  it's my first free class at Home Depot.  It's a plumbing class.  If you are in my area come join me at 10am!  Make sure you sign up online in advance,  so they have supplies for you but it is FREE.  I have never had a carpentry or home remodel type class and I am so excited for hands on instruction.  Do you remember this dresser my sister and nephew picked up for me?
It's still a lady in waiting,  waiting for me to turn it into a double vanity sink.   I was going to do a double vessel sink because I think they look so neat.  I realized after,  if I decide to keep the sink, it would be WAY too tall for my daughters to reach it and we would have a mess with them trying.  
So now I am thinking a drop in sink will be the way to go.  I am going to try and sell it first instead of keeping it.  With any of my pieces,  I make them so I will be happy to keep them. 
My hubby and I talked about products for the wood countertop to keep it looking sharp.  There is a product called Waterlox that is a wood tung oil,  that is made to lock the water out.  It is designed for high water areas like shipyards and also kitchens and it will be something that they say will work for bathrooms.   Since some of the drawers are missing,  I will rebuild them as shelves for stacked towels or other toiletries.  I am working in the wood shop today but I am moving slow.  I messed up and forgot one of my medications when I was in Vegas and it has left me exhausted.  It's one I will take forever, since I don't make a hormone anymore after Cancer.  Until my body normalizes out,  I don't have all the energy I need.  I can do low energy items,  like building drawers for the console table and painting cabinet doors.   
I have two unfinished chairs in my basement that are this shape.  I keep debating if I am going to paint them a light neutral color, or go black and bold.  I LOVE these British flag chairs,  I don't plan to do this fabric but I think the black chair looks stunning.   I would love any ideas or input of what you think would look nice.  I hope you all have the most fantastic day! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A happy accident

I blogged yesterday about my blue frame.  Well it's done!  
I wanted something that was blue and pretty and something that looked like it was dragged off the Titanic on the sea floor.  My pictures don't do it justice,  it is super ornate.  
It is stamped "made in Italy" but it's plastic.  The finest Italian plastic that money can buy, I guess.  😃.  I painted it and I tried dark waxing the details but the wax completely removed the blue spray paint back to white.  
I kind of freaked out a bit but then I remembered one of my favorite childhood artists, Bob Ross.  When he made a mistake,  he just went with it. And so would I.  Since the dark waxing wouldn't work I used black spray paint to get in the little details and then I quickly rubbed it off.  I still want it blue,  I just wanted shading.  I then went back and touched up all the details with guilders paste.  
It really makes the details stand out nicely.   I think the titanic or any pirate ship would be proud!  I was still able to keep the blue but adding the aged look.  
This is the quote I am thinking of putting in the frame.  Either that or a chalkboard so I can change my mind and change the saying from time to time.  What do you think?  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Not all paints are created equal

I read a lot of DIY and crafting blogs,  a whole fun bucket ton of them.  So many of them and their commentary discuss what paints to buy,  what colors are in style and how to get the "right" look.   So many of the DIY ladies were raving about the "color to go" samples you can get at Sherwin Williams.  For about $6.00 you can get a whole quart of paint and the ladies loved this for their DIY projects.  So I tried it.  But trust me the Behr works better,  or try for yourself and let me know.
At first I was excited,  this would be great and it would save me half on paint.  I was wrong.  It takes nearly 4 coats to get the same effect and coverage as 2 coats of the Behr brand.  Between drying times and applying extra coats my patience and energy were spent.  
The crazy thing is:  the Behr tester size is about $4 (and so much smaller) but it completely covered one of my projects and the color to go did not,  and they were about the same size.  My hubby said I would like SW "super paint,"  I will have to give that a try sometime. 
            .   .   .   .   .  .   .   .   .    .  .   . 
I also had picked up this picture frame in Las Vegas at a thrift shop. 
I re-painted it in white because it had some chips,  but then I did some thinking.  I saw this on a friends wall on FB today and it was right.  
I wanted to see a different look with the frame,  something that would make me happy.  So after it was all dry,  I painted it blue.  
I am going to go back and dark wax it,  and then add a little guilders paste in german silver to make the details pop.  I know a ton of people who are not fond of blue but this color makes me content.  It's the ocean,  the sky and my hubby's eyes.  I think when I am done,  it will be gorgeous.  I might put a saying I like in it or a chalkboard,  I haven't decided.  I will show you when it's all done! 
Love, Lori

P.S. The "right" look is the one that you love,  one that makes YOU happy.  Don't let others opinions convince you to live in a style that you don't love coming home to.  Just my two cents.