Friday, February 27, 2015

Console table almost built

So this is me, I don't think I have ever put a photo of myself on my blog before.   I am standing in front of my table saw of death that I used quite a bit today. 
I usually sweet talk my Hubster into doing the cuts for me on this bad boy, but I didn't want to wait for him to get off work.  I used my styling safety glasses (always use safety gear) because I don't want to loose a finger due to sawdust in my eye and make a mistake.  Safety glasses are inexpensive, sometimes even free with a coupon from Harbor Freight.  Last time I showed you the console table I am building, and it looked like this. 
I am so pleased that I have made good progress on it the last few days.  
Here it is again mid-project.  I had built and routed drawer fronts but they ended up being too heavy and bulky.  
When I put them on, they stuck out way too far and gave it a heaviness that looked odd. I went back and cut thinner pieces that seemed more elegant.  I am saving them though, when all is said and done, I want to make sure the whole piece looks cohesive.  May the best drawer front win! 
The picture above is the thicker drawer fronts and the picture below has the thinner ones. 
If it looks like it's on an angle, it is.  I need to build the back of the drawer next.  I am almost done with the structure, tomorrow I am hoping the build will be complete. (Fingers crossed!) 
On the table saw, I used a piece of scrap wood to test the depth of the cuts I needed.  I am carving out the track to hold in the bottoms of the drawers. It's the same technique we used on the IKEA hack for the card catalog front.  
When I found the right depth,  I cut the fronts.  To keep my fingers intact, I placed a board on top was able to use it as a barrier just in case the blade came all the way through.  Luckily it didn't cut all the way through, but better safe then sorry.  Tomorrow is Home Depot free class day, I am excited to learn about lighting.  This way I can swap out my own fixtures someday if needed.  My 5 year old just came and removed my safety glasses and put her Burger King crown on me, she said "work is done,  now you're a queen."  So it's time for me to go, this queen is wanted by her princesses.  Have a great day!  
Love,  Lori


  1. Cute Pic, Queen Lori and Princess Vivienne! Can't wait to see the finished table!