Monday, January 5, 2015

Ottoman Tray

I have been commissioned to make an distressed, stained, wood ottoman tray.  Much like this one in the photo's.
I gathered my lumber and started making cuts. 
She wants it about 2ft square,  so after cutting the boards I lined them up and began cutting the trim for the top edge. 
Each corner is cut on a 45 degree angle to have nice mitered edges.  She would like it heavily distressed so this is where the fun begins. 
I took a tube sock of my hubby's and I put a couple of dozen screws of various sizes in it.  Then I shook them down to the bottom. 
After a few whacks at the wood the screws start popping out a bit.  When you hit the wood with it,  it creates little holes and dents.  These holes and dents are more common in weathered wood and we are going for beautiful but with character.  
After several more whacks the screws really start showing through. (and then popping through).  This is where this sock is done.  I usually let my girls help me as much as possible with my projects but I really didn't want to get hit with a bag of screws so I skipped telling them what I was up to.  The next part they got to help me with. 
My little fashionistas got to walk the runway back and forth on the boards.  If you want something to be a little bit beaten up,  let your kids play with it for awhile.  Since they are both lightweights, I also had to pull out the hammer for a little more effect. 
I like this hammer for the rounded and flat ends,  each makes their own marks.  I turned each board on it's side and worked the edges too.  That way when the boards are nailed together,  it's not all lined up and straight lines between the boards.  This will add to the weathered, natural look. 
I laid the boards back together to see the general look. It will show the distressing much more when the stain is applied and buffed off a bit.  That way the marks will have a much darker shade than the surface of the boards.  Tomorrow I will get it all put together and get the stain started.  See you then!  


  1. Lol! Love the fashionistas. I love the idea of an ottoman would give another surface for the kidlets to eat from at family parties. =D

  2. Good idea. Then it could hold their drinks/plates so they won't tip over at family parties.