Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ottoman Tray part #2

So the ottoman tray is done!  It is a bright and shiny day today so I have it drying in the sunshine.  I did stain it twice just to get the rich deep color I was looking for.  
It is looking great,  I am really excited about it.   I tried out 2 different stains on a piece of scrap wood.  
I tried Minwax Jacobean stain, and General Finishes Java Jel stain.  I loved the better showing of the wood grain with the Minwax.  I will use the Java on another project but for this one I chose Minwax.  
The boards looked like this after my distressing and now it was time to nail them together.  I used the air nailer and my pocket square to make sure the comers were perfect. 
I got it all together and then it was time to stain.  Here is my kit:  newspapers,  gloves,  the match to the old sock,  a small paintbrush for details and a roll of paper towels. 
The little paintbrush was very handy between the boards and along the edges. 
After applying and wiping off the two coats of stain (I let it dry overnight between coats) I applied matte finish wood sealer.  I like Matte more than glossy for this just to keep with the rustic look.  I screwed on the handles and here it is! 
I am just waiting for the second coat of sealer to dry but I love it!  It looks like something expensive from a store like Pottery Barn but for a much smaller price,  I hope it's new owner loves it just as much as I do.  

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