Friday, January 16, 2015

Dresser or Media Center

I started off with this good solid dresser from my cousin Sarah. (thank you)
It has great bones but no one is into heavy lacquered 70's style furniture anymore.  It needed to be spruced up!
I started by completely sanding the top back to bare wood.  I learned a lot of painful lessons on this piece,  one being using the wrong sandpaper. (40 grit,  is now banned from my house).  The lower number grit paper will help get the varnish off but it chews up the wood.   Next time I will start at an 80 grit or higher.
It looked pretty good after the first coat of stain,  the knots in the wood went bright red.  I was a little worried but after the 2nd coat of stain and then the poly,  the knots calmed down. 
On to painting.  I chose the Annie Sloan color of Old White for the cabinet color. I did a light sanding and applied 3 coats of the chalk paint.  
I wanted to do something fun with the drawers.  Instead of masking the side to a flat vertical line,  I thought the arrow shape would be a fun treat.  It makes no difference to any guest seeing it in the home,  but I love little surprises. 
I sprayed the original hardware in a black hammered metal finish.  Lucky for me it was a bright and sunny January day.  
I did add a bit of dark wax around the cupboard door trim to help the details stand out.  I think it's a very pretty piece and I am very satisfied with the transformation.  

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