Sunday, September 18, 2016

Halloween Chair

Hi everyone!

   Sorry it's been such a long time since I did a blog post. I am in a constant battle between my bad back and trying to be productive. I have also been juggling back to school schedules and karate for my girls alone, while the husband has been working away. 
    I have been finishing up a few items for friends and I just finished this pressed back chair for my Mother-in-Law.
Here is what the chair looked like before. It is one of those detailed oak chairs that were pretty popular a few years ago but are becoming more of a rarity now. 
  Shirley gave me a lot of fun ideas of what she liked & found on Pinterest,  then she gave me creative license to use my own artistic eye.  I wanted to bring out the fun details of leaves and acorns in the back of the seat. 
Dark waxing wouldn't do because some of the grooves were too shallow, this is where a sharpie (several sharpies) and lots of hours went into getting the details. The dark wax did help to enhance it when it was done but most of it needed more attention to detail. 
The middle section to me looks like long finger bones, fun and creepy. Then I added words and a pumpkin on the seat.
I think it goes well with her home decorations. 
Shirley always does a great job decorating for every holiday. 
 Here is a little clown, resting his tired bones!
I was at first worried that the antique white details were too much for her decor but when I got it there, it matched perfectly. 
She has every corner adorned in spooky decor to delight the senses, most of it she has made herself! 
Everywhere you look it's a feast for the eyes! 
She likes miniatures as much as I do, so there are quite a few treasures hidden in each display. 
All of her items are consistent with a fun, vintage Halloween theme! Check out these pillows! I love these so much, especially the cat faces. 
My husband loves going home to see how she has it fixed up so nicely! Once we finish moving, I hope to decorate more like this. I just need to convince the kids to help me keep the house clean! 
So there are a few candid house shots from her place. 
There is really so much more I could show you! 
Literally every corner of her place is beautifully decorated and it should be in a magazine! 
Christmas is coming and her decorations for that are just as fabulous but Halloween is my favorite for decorations. 
I will be moving in a few weeks, (the drywall is done) and after we move I will have a dedicated work station. I hope to produce more, body willing, and show you more fun things! 
 Oh, P.S. I'm excited I got a stamp to start putting on my furniture and designs! Here is the first item I have made that I have been able to stamp. It went on the bottom of the chair. From now on, my larger items will get this stamp & maybe I will get a small stamp for my little design items in the future. 
 So from beginning to end, I think it turned out pretty cute. I'm happy with it and I think Shirley is too.

  Have a very Happy Halloween everyone!

Love, Lori