Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Antique pink and yellow bench part #1

I have been working lately on another bench.  This one is out of another old head/footboard.  
It's not close to being done,  it will have side rails with matching spindles and the bench will be a two tone of a light pink and a light creamy yellow. 

I started with this headboard and footboard but they were so low to the ground that it would not be a great bench to sit on.  After much thought and a lot of going back to the drawing board on how to add height,  it occurred to me after a few other design ideas, that I could give it taller feet.  
Before the headboard was barely taller than the footboard and after adding the feet it was a much better height. 
These are the feet I went with, they are the perfect height addition I needed,  I eventually did the footboard legs too. 
I drilled the bottoms and screwed and glued the new feet on.  I even added some finish nails to help hold the glue while it dried. 
After getting the feet attached on the baseboard I decided to just keep the posts and to use these spindles near the end to do the side rails.
I made pocket screws with my Kreg Jig and made a frame for the bench.  
I started putting the MDF boards across the top.  MDF has a nice finished product but it is not strong enough for the chair frame over a long time.  Pine and other inexpensive woods like to split easily and not hold the pocket screws well.  I like using a poplar boards or better wood for added strength.   
I am nearing being done with the seat,  now just to finish the side rails and to paint it.  It will eventually be a two tone in light pink and light yellow to resemble something close to this style paint wise. 
So that is the first half of my bench. I am going to add seat support underneath going horizontally and then do the sides. After I will do more filling, caulking and then painting.   That is all for now,  stick with me to see upcoming part two! 


  1. Sweet! Is it a commissioned Christmas gift for someone? It's going to be beautiful!

    1. Yes, it's a commissioned Christmas gift. Sorry it took me a bit to respond, my phone was malfunctioning when I was trying to respond in the app.