Thursday, December 4, 2014

In the mix

I am in the middle of multiple projects and I kind of hate not having finished items to show you.  I haven't blogged for a little while but I have kept busy. 
First I was given this dresser and although it looks plain,  I am excited to give it a new look.  Here is where I am on it. 
I sprayed a mix of black and silver on it but I made a HUGE mistake in doing so.  I didn't sand the surface enough before spray painting and putting the stickers on so when I peeled the stickers off it ripped more of the paint off than I was hoping for.  SAND, SAND, SAND!  
Then I painted a couple of coats of white chalk paint over all the dresser and the drawers.  
The bottom 2 drawers you can see have a more solid color after the second coat of paint. 
After it had dried I peeled the stickers off and up peeled too much paint.  I am going to grunge up the paint a ton and add some color and embellishments to do a chic, teenage, urban look for the finished product.   I have a long way to go on this piece but I think it will look cool when finished.  Most of my concentration is on a headboard bench right now so this is just what I am working on when I take a break from the bench.  I have to have several things going at once or I get a little buggy.  I compare it to school,  you can't just do math all day,  you need to mix it up with English,  exercise and art class.  Free pieces I can have fun with is my mental down time.  Thanks for checking out my projects!


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