Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Antique pink and yellow bench #2

So the last time I blogged about this bench it looked much like this.  
Since then I finished the planks for the seat. And I got the side rails designed and added on.  As always my kids enjoy helping me as much as possible so here we are getting the wood to finish. 
After the seat planks were on,  I took apart the rest of the footboard to use the spindles.  
I drilled holes for the spindles to set down into and then it took me a few days to design the side rails.
I mapped out a design to match the back original headboard.  Then I had to cut it from scratch on my scroll saw. 
I drilled out holes for the spindles and my oldest enjoyed helping me glue and tap the spindles in. 
I am really pleased that the arms look just like the back rail.  I would have used the footboard but the scale was not quite right.  A bandsaw would have been best for the cut but my scroll saw did the job just great. 
Since this photo I have sanded and everything is ready for paint.  I added some more supports for under the seat because I want it to be extra sturdy so if you were to step on a plank it would hold up well. 
Danger Baby was a good helping hand to hold the boards while I drilled in the pocket screws.  
So here it is ready for paint.  It should be all done this weekend and ready to be one lucky ladies Christmas present. 

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