Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Antique pink and yellow bench part 3/3

The bench is done and it is going to it's new home today.  Last time you saw her,  she looked like this: 
Her structure was complete but she was missing the color and the charm.  We started by priming the bench,  then we sprayed the pink.  I painted the primer but my awesome husband sprayed the pink for me,  then I went back in and painted the yellow. 
We did a few coats of the pink and let it dry for several days to harden the shell. 
When it had completely dried and hardened,  I masked the areas to hand paint the light yellow.  
It took a couple of coats to get the desired color and coverage.  Then we allowed several more days in the heated garage for it to dry thouroughly.  Today I brought it inside to show what it looks like complete. 
Here she is in all her glory.  I can't wait to see what it looks like in her forever home. 
It's a sweet and charming country style bench.  I have really enjoyed making her and I hope her new family loves her for many years to come. 

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