Friday, December 5, 2014

Future plans for my camper.

This is my cute little camper.  In the spring I want to fix it up to look more modern and clean.  I wanted to post some photo before pictures so when I get to fixing it up I can compare them with the after. 
On one side is bunk beds for the kids and a closet. (no bathroom) the fabric needs to be updated but the foam cushions are still in great shape. 
Right now my kids love using the little camper as a club house and we don't use the camper to go camping nearly as often as I would like to.  Everything works great,  it also has heating and air conditioning and is great for our little family.  Someday I would love to get a bigger one. (my hubby and I don't share the double bed very well)
Next to the closet is a stove and more cupboard space.
Then there is a double bed for the grown ups.  And it converts to a table with bench seating. 
So that is the insides.  I am thinking the deer hunter wood paneling would look better painted and trimmed out with cute new knobs and add some cute color to make it stand out as a cute and updated space. 
Here are some cute ideas I found online. This red and white one is adorable!  
I love chandeliers and blue so this style appeals to me. 
I would choose different fabrics but I like these light and bright combos. 
Teal and white is so retro and cute!   I really love these two together and I am sure I could get some cute appliance paint. 
I like the idea of having curtains for more privacy for the parents side of the camper. 
I love the idea of also updating the thermostat to give it a more at home feel.  I would love to fix it up cute and then to go take the family to Yellowstone.   I will let you all know when I get started and if you have any ideas for the camper or photo's to share,  please feel free to post below.

Thanks,  Lori 


  1. If you need colorful fabric for banners and can rummage through my scrap tubs. Maybe I could help with sewing? =D

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