Thursday, October 6, 2016

A little birdhouse in your soul

Today I will be starting on a birdhouse I've been commissioned to make. It's not really a birdhouse but more of a bird condo.  I don't have any pictures of it on hand to show you but I do have pencil sketching sour in my shop that I will post later. 

 I was looking online for some examples of other bird dwellings for multiple bird friends. 
It's going into winter here but this sweet lady (who I am making it for), is happy to get it anytime. She is such a doll and a great friend! 
Here are a few more examples of other birdhouses. 
I am going to be taking some items out to our human house we are building for our family.  It's getting closer to being done. We hopefully will be in by Thanksgiving!  I have some fun things I plan on doing for that once we are in. 

I'm also working on some fun metal art coming up! I can't wait to show you that. 
I have a couple of different styles I'm cooking up. Some that are more design and some that are more pictures. 
I have also been dying to get back to doing some fine art on canvas. Canvas is where I started out decades ago. In the winter I would be in my parents garage painting and freezing until they purchased me an oil heater. I spent many years staying up late into the night painting in that tiny garage. (I think some of them are still out there) 

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Art-tober 

Love Lori 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New Age Commercial Sign

I am excited to show you the sign that we have been working on.  
  My friends Brian and Melissa are building a wellness and massage therapy center in American Fork, Utah and they have asked me to help with a few items for their offices.  Their office is so beautiful and they have put a lot of hard work into it. I hope to show you more of that later.
   I have been helping with getting their signs and vinyl logos on the building. This is the design idea I drew up for the outside of their business that will hang on the exterior brick wall. 
After getting the wood pieces cut, stained and assembled we also did the laser cut metal and wood letters. 
Lots of adhesives, many trips to Home Depot, and Lowe's, a lot of pressure and time later, we had the sign on it's way. My partner in design, Rebecca,  is helping me with putting this sign together. I need to get a really good photo of us not covered in stain or adhesives before I'll post a picture though. 
The wood cut outs helped give the sign some depth and shadow. The metal on top adds a bit of flare! 
The wood is still wet from the outdoor top coat sealer in these pictures but it should dry to a nice semi-gloss finish. 
The weather started getting rough outside so we brought it inside to dry. I'm excited to help mount this to their exterior brick wall tomorrow!  The reverse side has bracing and brackets to add sturdiness but not a high profile away from the wall. We really wanted the logo and the lettering to be what stands out. 
I'll post some photos when it's on the building.  I'm excited to do this commercial project and I hopefully have another big one in January coming up. What do you think, do you like the sign? Please leave comments or share if you like it to keep me active in your FB feed.

Love, Lori