Thursday, October 6, 2016

A little birdhouse in your soul

Today I will be starting on a birdhouse I've been commissioned to make. It's not really a birdhouse but more of a bird condo.  I don't have any pictures of it on hand to show you but I do have pencil sketching sour in my shop that I will post later. 

 I was looking online for some examples of other bird dwellings for multiple bird friends. 
It's going into winter here but this sweet lady (who I am making it for), is happy to get it anytime. She is such a doll and a great friend! 
Here are a few more examples of other birdhouses. 
I am going to be taking some items out to our human house we are building for our family.  It's getting closer to being done. We hopefully will be in by Thanksgiving!  I have some fun things I plan on doing for that once we are in. 

I'm also working on some fun metal art coming up! I can't wait to show you that. 
I have a couple of different styles I'm cooking up. Some that are more design and some that are more pictures. 
I have also been dying to get back to doing some fine art on canvas. Canvas is where I started out decades ago. In the winter I would be in my parents garage painting and freezing until they purchased me an oil heater. I spent many years staying up late into the night painting in that tiny garage. (I think some of them are still out there) 

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Art-tober 

Love Lori 

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