Friday, April 8, 2016

Would you go gold?

I'm constantly looking at photos and studying furniture. One major theme in celebrity homes and in the homes of world leaders is gold. They seem to not just decorate with gold touches but they overdose in gold surroundings. 
From kings to presidential candidates, to dictators.... It seems like powerful people are obsessed with the color gold. 
Above the coffee table and the chairs are painted gold. It's no surprise Donald Trump's home is surrounded with gold decor. 
Celebrities love to show off the color gold as well in their homes and cars. 
There are more tasteful gold rooms, and then there are the super insane gold rooms such as the one below. 
Having your toilet covered in gold is definitely a new spin to the "throne room."  So the question is: would you go gold? Where and how much?
I've considered doing some chairs in gold but I am more of an overall silver fan.  The ceiling above with the gold chandelier is a big temptation though. 
Ralph Lauren has a beautiful gold paint at the Home Depot. It has beautiful reflection and shine. I also love using gold in guilders paste. I think we all have a little inner royalty but would you do your palace in gold or does it look like you got lost in Las Vegas ?