Wednesday, December 14, 2016

game room

So about 11pm I got a wild hair to paint an elephant on my wall. I asked my husband. (while he was sleeping, and he said it was ok, lol)  I had some spray paint at home so I jumped into it right before the kids went to school.  I started spraying blues and teal colors on the wall.   This is the wall before I started.
Moving boxes, boring chairs and my ceiling fan waiting to be hung up.  I had a few cans of spray paint so I started but I quickly ran out.  I had to make a quick trip to The Home Depot to get a few supplies.  I have done some spray painting on canvas at home but this is my first spray painting on a wall.  I wanted to see how it would work with adding details.  I have painted several murals but this is the first 100% out of spray paint. 

After it being super bright and colorful, I muted down the blues, purples and teals.  I like the more muted colors better.  My oldest said "let's talk about the elephant in the room" lol,  she's so corny.

 There is still SO MUCH I want to learn about using spray paint to do murals, I'm still more comfortable with using a brush and paint, but it's good to start somewhere.  This is the kids game room tonight.... much more interesting than the boring wall. My kids and sister asked what the LHD stands for, I just added designs after my name to go with my blog and instagram.
Here is the elephant from several angles.  I'm not sure if I am satisfied with it or if I will paint on him some more.  I was going for an urban jungle theme.... I might add more to the other walls and then come back and tinker with him more or I might leave it for awhile until I get what my husband calls a "creative seizure".

For scale here are my kids, Adventure Baby 10 and Danger Baby 7

They can have something funky in their game room. Danger Baby came home from school and said it was "freaking awesome" so I think she approves. 

Well, that's it for today.  I stayed in the parameters my husband asked for and I finished and cleaned up before he got home so it's win-win.  If I change my mind or my taste, I can paint the wall back to the original color and start again. 

Have a great week!
LOVE, Lori