Thursday, November 17, 2016

Moving Time

Moving Time

This will be the way my blog will look from here on out for awhile. Please make sure you like, comment or share if you would like to follow my adventures.  

We closed on our house this week and got the keys. We are excited to be home owners again and not renters anymore. After a million trips to Home Depot and Target, I have some hardware to hang up my curtains and details
  In case you missed it, here is the last project I finished before we closed up shop for a bit. 

  Here is one of my daughters rooms, my other girls room mirrors it with the pass way between. 

  My girls have always slept in the same room. We tried having them in separate rooms before but they kept getting sad and coming in with us until we put them back together. They are getting older (7&10) and now they want their own rooms but still be able to be close. So we added a half-door opening for between their walls.  Someday I will close it in with a bookcase that is a secret opening for a hidden passageway.

 I can't lift all the heavy things because of my bad back, so I am doing decorating duty. "Danger Baby" my 7 year old wants a pink princess room so here is a sampling of how it is coming together.  

"Adventure Baby" is 10 and she wants a teenage vintage hippy type bedroom. So here is that dresser I got (for free, it's an older Ikea one) and I turned it into a VW Bus design. 

  I will try to post more each day as I get things done and organized. I'm excited to be able to paint, decorate and design my own place for a little bit. Since most of my tools are in transit, I don't know when I will be building again, I hope soon!  I really do love getting my hands dirty. 

  Have a great day!
Love, Lori