Sunday, February 26, 2017

Little Lori Logo

I've spent the last couple of days doing a painted mural of Certified Tire's logo onto the wall in the lobby.  They had previously had their logo on the wall in vinyl but it wouldn't stay stuck to the bumpy wall and the lettering would just fall off.   
I came in at the end of the work day on Saturday and worked late during the weekend so not to interrupt business during the day and so they would have full use back Monday morning. 
Here is the before photo of the wall.  It definitely needs something there.  Here it is at another angle. 
It's a nice shop and the guys there have done a good job fixing my own car recently when the rear axle broke. 
My husband took this photo of me while I was painting. I didn't know he did it until after.  I am glad he did take it though, so often I am the one behind the camera.  My kids know I get to do fun stuff but it makes it more special to have photographic evidence. 
The word Certified has a tiny white border.... definitely need a very steady hand to do the details.  At one point in my life I lost the ability to use my right arm, it took nearly a year to get it to work again and it shook terribly for the longest time.  It still shakes if I try to life something heavy or something over my head at times.   I have kept practicing to get the full use of my arm back enough to paint detail again, I'm happy it's good to go and it's steady again. 
Here it is all done! Now when they open on Monday morning the place will have a little piece of my work up on the wall. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Love Lori

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