Thursday, February 16, 2017

Surprise Salon Makeover

   A couple of good friends decided for Melissa's birthday to re-decorate her salon while she was out of town, as a surprise present.  Here are a few before photos her daughter Jessica took. 
As you come in her back was tilted to the door.  Her room was bright and colorful but the color overload made the room feel smaller. 
On the other side of the room was all of her nail polishes and products. The totes didn't make it very easy to find exactly what you were looking for. 
In the corner is the pedicure chair, it looked like it had seen better days.  The mirror above the chair was definitely from a few years back. 
There were random chairs for guests and kids but it blocked the closet and it made the room not feel cohesive.  I didn't do the room design, I only helped with a small amount of input and building the shelving. Everyone else did a phenomenal job getting it from idea to completion.  I'm glad I just got to help out with my small part.  Here are the after photos:
Now as you walk in, it's more open... this used to be her desk.  No this comfortable bench greets you, as it sits below the shelves that hold the nail colors and nail powders.  Here you can pick out your favorite colors and Melissa turns them into an absolute work of art.  I need to get some pictures to show you of her nail designs, she is phenomenal! 
Across the room is her desk underneath beautiful lights that help illuminate her work area. All of her supplies are stored in the baskets up on the wall instead of in bins on the floor. 
The cracked chair covering where the feet go has been refurbished and it looks new again.  
The closet doors that were in the way are gone and this cute pop of color matches the window across the room. 
 My puppy did help supervise me. (I'm in need of constant supervision)  But my contribution was small.
  Here is a shout out to all of those who made this room happen in just a few days while Melissa was away.  It was so kind and considerate of them to try and do something so thoughtful for a wonderful lady. 

Michelle Short 
Jessica Blakely
Cory Short
Chelsey Ehlers 
Kortney Harding 
Autumn Harding 
Bonnie Dubois 
Dave Blakely 

 You all did an amazing job!  

Have a great weekend everyone,
Love Lori. 

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