Friday, December 12, 2014

Sprucing up old wood

I have a few pieces of old wood that are scratched up but I want to keep original. I have heard walnuts work but I have never tried them.  My Mom & Grandma always used Old English dark scratch remover for making an old piece look new and I have followed in their footsteps.  I am NOT getting paid to recommend their product but if they want to send me supplies or pay me,  that would be cool.
This is the stuff I use,  they also make it for light woods.  
Here it is after.  It looks brand new for being an old piece.  Here is the side by side. 
I love the way it looks after.  Here it is on another piece,  my 100+ year old piano.  This is the before:

The humidity from the swamp cooler is hard on the finish and it makes the varnish spot up and crack like this.  And here it is after:
The lighter part at the bottom is just reflection.  Almost instantly the wood looks so much better and the results last about a month or more.
Here is the side by side.  Looks pretty nice for wood from the 1800's! 
  I have found mine in some grocery stores or on Amazon,  it's definitely a staple in my home. 

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