Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kelly's credenza

I am refinishing this hutch for my friend Kelly.  
She wants it a little bit more modern and updated.  It's a nice solid 2 piece and I figured it would be an easy paint in between times I get stumped working on my build of the sofa table.  
I removed all the hardware,  glass and magnets and masked off the drawers. The color is matched to the Annie Sloan Old White.  This color is quickly becoming one of my favorites to use. 
I sprayed the hardware with the hammered metal spray.  I love this dark & light contrast combo. 
   I usually only work about 3hrs a day on a good day because of home and family demands,  lately I am doing a bit more because I have so much to do.  It gets tricky because I get "helpers" helping too much if I don't wait until my youngest is safely at Kindergarten.  
I had to get work done, so my baby asked if she could work too.  I gave her the windex and some paper towels.  Even if the photo doesn't look like it,  she loves being on the car washing the windows.
I am lightly sanding and distressing the edges and corners.  It helps bring out the contrast.  
It's almost done,  it's getting so close!  It should be ready tomorrow.  I just need to put the glass and door magnets back in and to finish any last minute touch-up's and distressing.  It might be another day to give my baby another job.  
Most parents wouldn't hand their 5 year old a board, nails, and a hammer.  This kid is actually really great with them!  We have been taking her to Home Depot in the first Saturday of each month for their free kids craft since she was 2.  It's a great way to keep her entertained.  Then I can put the finishing touches on this hutch! 
  Also,  I am getting so close on my console table,  I am going to not do any new projects until I get that done.  It has been such a challenge. (in a good way) I really enjoy things that make me have to learn new skills, and it's also maddening.  I cut and routed the drawer fronts but I don't like the thickness, so I went back and got new wood.  I want to make it as perfect as possible.  It's becoming my great white whale that I must conquer.   Thanks to all of you who read my blog! 
It's neat to see so many people from all over the world checking in to see it. 
Over 16,000 views!  That is incredible to me.  Thank you so much,  I hope to not disappoint.  Have a great day,  I would LOVE to see what you are working on around your place.  Please feel free to send in photos or ask questions.  
Sincerely,  Lori Hatfield 


  1. I tried to comment yesterday on my phone, but they made me jump through so many hoops I just gave up...lol! Just wanted to say, you are doing such a wonderful job. I am envious of your talent. It's great, though, that people have so many different skills. Life would be boring if we were all good at the same thing. You've really found your niche!