Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lights, camera, accident!

I was in a hurry to get to the Home Depot lighting class.  I was meeting my good friend Scott there who I haven't seen in about 2 years.  I jumped into my car and started backing up when I felt the hit.  My 5 year old had left her small bike in the driveway right behind my SUV.  It was crunch time! 
Normally wheels are not supposed to be taco shaped, I hear.  I pulled it up by the front door to show my husband, I had to go.  I left it to him to break the bad news.
I made it to the lighting & electrical class. I am at Home Depot about every other day and I never noticed this wall before.  They have a dedicated station to teach people how to wire plugs, ceiling lights and switches.  
This is my buddy Scott.  He mastered the outlets like a boss!  The instructors were great and they took the time for each of us to try out each station.  
I told these gentlemen they were going in my blog.  Each one was very cool about it.  The group was small and the instructor spent a good two hours showing us so much about how to wire our own electrical switches and sockets.
The instructor is a professional electrician  and he was incredibly knowledgeable about code and simple tricks to make it easier and less intimidating.  I so far have been the only girl in these classes.  I really would love other ladies to come join in. 
When I learned how easy it is to change out a light fixture, I kicked myself for not learning this earlier.  My hubby is exceptionally handy but working long hours doing construction, makes him not enthusiastic about doing it at home.  I could save us both a bunch of stress learning to change things out myself.  
Here is my hand after wiring this light switch.  Oh yeah, I rocked it.  Around my place we have a lot of sockets that a plug just falls out of because they are old and loose from wear.  I may just have to change them out to ones that will hold a plug again.  
He showed us all the tools and what they were for, from beginners to pro's.  We learned SO MUCH, I honestly couldn't remember it all.  I was also having too much fun joking around with my buddy.  The teacher said if I needed help mid-project to just call the store and he would walk me through the details again. As for the broken bike..... 
The frame was bent, the tire was toast and the training wheels were destroyed.  I had a talk with my little lady & we made a deal that we both would be more responsible.  Her with not parking behind my car and me with checking before I drive.  
We ended the day with replacing what was lost.  I learned my lesson and I hope she did too.  It was a very informative day all around.  

P.S. I am not sponsored by Home Depot yet but I would love it because I use their products.  I just think more people would benefit from their free classes and help.  Also please click on the Bloglovin button to follow me.  

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  1. Cute little Viv! I have some loose sockets here at I know who to call since our husbands work!