Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Not all paints are created equal

I read a lot of DIY and crafting blogs,  a whole fun bucket ton of them.  So many of them and their commentary discuss what paints to buy,  what colors are in style and how to get the "right" look.   So many of the DIY ladies were raving about the "color to go" samples you can get at Sherwin Williams.  For about $6.00 you can get a whole quart of paint and the ladies loved this for their DIY projects.  So I tried it.  But trust me the Behr works better,  or try for yourself and let me know.
At first I was excited,  this would be great and it would save me half on paint.  I was wrong.  It takes nearly 4 coats to get the same effect and coverage as 2 coats of the Behr brand.  Between drying times and applying extra coats my patience and energy were spent.  
The crazy thing is:  the Behr tester size is about $4 (and so much smaller) but it completely covered one of my projects and the color to go did not,  and they were about the same size.  My hubby said I would like SW "super paint,"  I will have to give that a try sometime. 
            .   .   .   .   .  .   .   .   .    .  .   . 
I also had picked up this picture frame in Las Vegas at a thrift shop. 
I re-painted it in white because it had some chips,  but then I did some thinking.  I saw this on a friends wall on FB today and it was right.  
I wanted to see a different look with the frame,  something that would make me happy.  So after it was all dry,  I painted it blue.  
I am going to go back and dark wax it,  and then add a little guilders paste in german silver to make the details pop.  I know a ton of people who are not fond of blue but this color makes me content.  It's the ocean,  the sky and my hubby's eyes.  I think when I am done,  it will be gorgeous.  I might put a saying I like in it or a chalkboard,  I haven't decided.  I will show you when it's all done! 
Love, Lori

P.S. The "right" look is the one that you love,  one that makes YOU happy.  Don't let others opinions convince you to live in a style that you don't love coming home to.  Just my two cents.

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