Monday, February 9, 2015

Card Catalog IKEA hack

I started with this plain wood RAST 3 drawer dresser from IKEA.  I wanted to see if I could make it look more like an old fashioned card catalog.  
I love card catalogs but not the average price. (over $300) 
I knew the RAST dresser was not the bulk I wanted so I started by building up the base and the top. 
I framed in the bottom but I didn't like the little gap near the bottom.  So looking all over my wood scrap pile I decided that the large Home Depot stir stick was the perfect size. 
So I measured and spliced two together to close the gap.  Since the stir sticks are made of pine just like the RAST,  it looked great together. 
I beveled the edge and I love the way it looks.  It will stain up nicely. 
I put it on casters for fun and function.  It makes it easier to move and I love the added height.  
I didn't like the top,  I wanted it built up a little bulkier like the base so I had to take a thin piece of wood to glue on top to make it level so I could put a bigger wood piece on the top. 
After I got the wood pieces glued and nailed together,  I built the top frame. 
Then I enlisted the handsome Hubster for his help with the table saw of death.  I wanted to cut grooves in the front of the drawers to make it look like individual small drawers.  He showed me how to raise and lower the blade to make this happen the way I had imagined. 
I then took my sharpie and added extra color to the grooves.  When I put the stain on top of it,  it will make sure the color is darker.  The other dark marks on front are just dirt from the table saw and it will wipe off. 
I then stained the whole thing.  I didn't love the color yet,  so for the second coat I used some Java gel for the top, sides, and base for more contrast. 
The knobs were gold but I wanted them black,  so I used my favorite hammered spray.
I did measurements to line up the knobs but as I started I decided to just eyeball it.  If the knobs are off center by just a bit,  it will just add to the charm. 
And here she is finished and clear coated.  I LOVE how it turned out!  I am considering making another and using them as night stands,  or it would make a cool entry way table for a tight spot. 

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