Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kelly's hutch complete

Here she is 100% complete and glass back in safely! 
Every piece I wish 2 things,  that I was an octopus, and that I was instantly smarter.
 I am not saying that I am dumb.  If I was just a little smarter,  I could figure things out much easier.  I guess I will get there, as I keep trying new things and gaining experience. 
 As for the octopus part,  having 8 arms would have helped get the hinges,  screws, and glass into place much faster.  
Here is the before photo.  It looks very different.   To show you the steps I did for the final details,  I will start with the hinges.  
I had previously sprayed the hinges black but when you install the screws,  the screws still are brassy.  Here is how you get them to match.  
Use the same spray paint, but spray inside a paper or plastic cup.  Then, take a small brush and dip it in the paint at the bottom.  Moving quickly because the spray dries fast,  paint the screw heads.  
Then the screws match the painted hinges and it's much easier than trying to spray the screws and have the little pieces blow all over.  That is a tip I picked up from my hubby.  This is the type of stuff he usually paints. 
Well,  I am off to get back to work.  Have a great and productive day!  Love, Lori 


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