Saturday, February 21, 2015

Home Depot Class

I went to the Home Depot class on how to install and plumb a bathroom vanity this morning.  I was surprised that there was only two of us there for the class.  The small size was actually great in the end.  We could get in,  ask our questions and get done at our own speed. 
The instructor pulled packages of the pipes we would need off the shelves. He showed us how to apply plumbers putty and silicone to all the right places.  It was much easier (and less expensive) than I thought it would be.  
He took us through all the steps,  gaskets, and how to change out the pipes.  
I am pretty confident that in a pinch I could put in a whole new vanity by myself.  I was surprised how easy it was to do, compared to how complicated I thought it would be.  The whole class, plus all the questions we could come up with took just under an hour.  If you are ever interested in taking their free classes,  I would highly recommend it!  

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