Friday, February 20, 2015

Free first class

I am excited for tomorrow,  it's my first free class at Home Depot.  It's a plumbing class.  If you are in my area come join me at 10am!  Make sure you sign up online in advance,  so they have supplies for you but it is FREE.  I have never had a carpentry or home remodel type class and I am so excited for hands on instruction.  Do you remember this dresser my sister and nephew picked up for me?
It's still a lady in waiting,  waiting for me to turn it into a double vanity sink.   I was going to do a double vessel sink because I think they look so neat.  I realized after,  if I decide to keep the sink, it would be WAY too tall for my daughters to reach it and we would have a mess with them trying.  
So now I am thinking a drop in sink will be the way to go.  I am going to try and sell it first instead of keeping it.  With any of my pieces,  I make them so I will be happy to keep them. 
My hubby and I talked about products for the wood countertop to keep it looking sharp.  There is a product called Waterlox that is a wood tung oil,  that is made to lock the water out.  It is designed for high water areas like shipyards and also kitchens and it will be something that they say will work for bathrooms.   Since some of the drawers are missing,  I will rebuild them as shelves for stacked towels or other toiletries.  I am working in the wood shop today but I am moving slow.  I messed up and forgot one of my medications when I was in Vegas and it has left me exhausted.  It's one I will take forever, since I don't make a hormone anymore after Cancer.  Until my body normalizes out,  I don't have all the energy I need.  I can do low energy items,  like building drawers for the console table and painting cabinet doors.   
I have two unfinished chairs in my basement that are this shape.  I keep debating if I am going to paint them a light neutral color, or go black and bold.  I LOVE these British flag chairs,  I don't plan to do this fabric but I think the black chair looks stunning.   I would love any ideas or input of what you think would look nice.  I hope you all have the most fantastic day! 

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