Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My new nightstand

So the other day I posted my finished pictures of the card catalog I made from an IKEA, RAST 3 drawer dresser.  
I don't usually keep my refinished items.  I usually have a home in mind when I start a project or I sell them to make a little extra for things like doing activities with my kids.   My furniture inside my house is usually inexpensive or free.  Like my comfortable but not so pretty green sofa.  A freebie from an old neighbor who was getting rid of it.  (Thanks Linda!)
Or there is my hideous coffee table that is a thrift store purchase,  I will fix up someday in the distant future. 
Not a stunning art piece,  at all.  But the reasons I decided to keep the card catalog are.  #1 I really want to hide more clutter.  The drawers are great for that.  I can put everything I need at night there at my fingertips.  #2.  I have decided the kids are responsible enough to take better care of nice things.  Having a home full of free or inexpensive furniture is the best if you have kids under 5.  They are young, and they will spill and injure nice furnishings by just being kids.  If it's cheap or free,  you don't yell as much if it's destroyed.  Parents with small kids,  do yourselves and your kids a favor and just enjoy your kids and not furniture until they are over 6.  My baby will be 6 in April so it's time and we are both ready. The picture below explains reason 3.
#3.  I don't take care of myself until everyone around me is cared for.  I get way out of balance in trying to manage everyone else's needs and I forget myself.  I am going to do better this year on making sure my needs are met.  Before our trip to Vegas,  I was getting burned out from doing furniture.  It was no longer fun.  The break was good.  Having the card catalog by my bed inspires me to want to keep creating beautiful things. 
 I decided to put a power strip inside the back of the bottom drawer.  I have 2 back massagers I use almost every day.  My back is horrible after a number of surgeries and fusions.  The massagers help some, but the cords are hideous and they trip you if you get up in the middle of the night.  This way I can use them and put them back in the drawer.  I also am charging my phone and kindle in there and the cords are tucked away.  
I hopped out of bed tonight to take this photo.  See how clean and organized it looks :) that is great for me!  It inspires me to keep going on designing and creating, and to also keep my room clean.  I am in the middle of a build from scratch sofa table,  and I also have a bunch of furniture I am doing re-paints on.  If you ever want something made or painted,  just be aware that it may be weeks to months before I can get to it so please let me know in advance and I would love to give you a quote. 

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  1. I love that idea of the chargers inside the drawer...I am constantly amazed by all your mad skills. =D