Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Seeing the finish line.

I am getting so close to being done with the console table.  I got the top bolted on today. 
I started using the wood filler and I have a bit of trim and finishing touches to do tomorrow. It's almost there!  I wanted to make sure the table top is on secure enough to be able to lift it from the top. 
I got the drawers and drawer tracks working smoothly.  It was my first time building something completely from scratch and drawers were an interesting challenge.  
I used the table saw of death so much, I think I am losing my fear of it.  I have conquered my fear of the air nailer and now the table saw.  I am really happy about that!  See the wide grooves on the table saw?  
They are really great to put your thumbs on to push the board down the machine while keeping your fingers clear of the blade.  They were probably designed for just that purpose, but I am just figuring it all out.

When I cut the grooves for the drawer bottoms I learned that the saw is 1/4" wide and the thin fiber boards are 1/4" to go in them.  When you cut the fiber boards,  it makes the edge rough and wider so the easiest way to make it fit in, is to sand the edge to a bevel. 
I used my small belt sander and I held the board on an angle on each side to smooth out the cuts.  It made it go into the track so much easier. 
So although it's not quite here yet.  You can see it's coming along. 

It has taken me so much longer to finish then I expected.  I am still struggling with my back.  
Here is the underside of the table.  Pocket screws with my Kreg Jig to bolt the boards together and then to bolt the top to the frame.  I am happy with how it's coming together.   Hopefully more progress to show soon.  Have a fantastic day!  

 Love, Lori

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