Monday, March 16, 2015

Hardware quick change

A couple of years ago I painted this dresser for my girls. 
I had left the hardware the bright brassy gold but I was never a big fan.  I purchased some more colors of guilders paste over the weekend and in about a half hour,  with no removing the handles, I made it look completely different. 
This is the brand of guilders paste I love to work with the most.  If any of your local stores don't carry it,  you can purchase it on Amazon.  For the handles I used Baroque guilders paste in silver.  My finger looks a bit like the Tin Man from "The Wizard of Oz" but I wears off your finger quite quickly. 
Here is the before,  I had tried a bit of the German Silver on them but it was still too gold.  
Here is the after, I decided to leave the brassy color in the grooves because I liked the contrast.  If you wanted to eliminate that,  you could use a small art brush.   See the smudge above the handle on #2 drawer?  I accidentally touched the drawer front.  The smudge will come right off with a little clear paste wax,  even weeks later, if you don't have time to fix it immediately. 
I really like the silver look much better! If I decide to change my mind in the future there is always a ton of other guilders paste colors to try.  

Have a great day and try something new!
Love, Lori

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