Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Daydreaming in wood

I am thinking out loud in this post.  The more I look through furniture that draws me in,  the more I see ornate carved wood. 
I didn't make this piece, I am no where near this skill level.  I would love to learn how they did this!  

And look at this beautiful, antique bed!  I have searched online to try and find ways to make furniture like this.  
Long story short:  each one of these fantastic pieces is carved by hand.  Someone took the time to chisel and sand out each detail and that's why each of them are so fabulous.  
I really admire the artistry and the detail.  People have carved the most unusual things out of wood that are absolutely stunning.  Here are a few examples:
Isn't this incredible?  This owl looks so real! Every feather is a piece of carved wood. 
This is a neat musician,  again an artist took the time to carve each tiny detail!  I don't ever see myself having the patience or skill to do this but I can appreciate someone who took the time and had the talent.  I have purchased wood and plaster carvings to go on furniture before.  Here is a plaster one I am about to use and that I have colored.  
For now I will continue using these but maybe, just maybe,  I might ask for a set of wood chisels for my birthday.  ;) 

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