Friday, March 27, 2015

Behind the scenes

I have been doing a lot of prep work on my pieces this week,  aka sanding and using wood filler.  Not such exciting work but necessary for a good outcome.  
I am currently working on this table and chair set.  This one will have a painted base and chairs,  with a stained top. 
These chairs will look the same when finished and the whole set will match nicely.  One chair had a broken spindle that someone else repaired but there was chunks missing at the base.  Time to bring out my wood-filler friend. 
I am also working on this dresser for my Mother-in-law.  This piece will be fun and a bit more artistic,  I can't wait to show you when it's done!  
Right now it too is getting the basics worked on with wood filler and sanding.  I am doing this and the table and chairs at the same time because both will require primer and it's easier to just dedicate a day to setting up multiple pieces for spraying.  Not the most exciting blog post but the basics are important! 
I saw this picture on Facebook and her poor feet are horrible.  It illustrates a good point though.  If you want a beautiful ballet you will have dancers with terrible feet.  If you want beautiful restored furniture,  it takes a lot of boring sanding and waiting for wood filler to dry. Putting in the hard work is the only way to have the outcome you desire.  Hopefully I will get to show you the pretty stuff soon!
  Have a great day! 

Love, Lori 

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