Friday, March 20, 2015

Console table complete.

Here she is!  It took me over a month to complete it but I am very happy it's done.
I have enjoyed turning headboards into benches and doing other minor woodworking but I had never built a complete item (other than the ottoman tray) 100% from raw lumber. 
Last time I featured the table it looked much like this photo.  See the marks on the drawer fronts?  They drove me crazy, all the wood filler and sanding didn't make the smooth surface I was going for. 
 They had to be re-made.  
Here are some of the underneath inner workings of the table.  Most of the screws I put in with my Kreg Jig,  I love this tool.  It helps drill the holes at an angle so when you put the screws in,  it gives it a nice finished look. 
I ended up rebuilding the drawers completely.  As I was working on the table,  the look of the drawers didn't feel right.  I cut all new lumber and made new tracks for the bottoms to nest in. 
I cut the boards on a 45' angle so they would nicely fit up against each other. 
I stained the drawer fronts and then attached them with wood glue and clamps.  The only screws on the drawers themselves are just the ones for the handles.  I wanted to keep the drawer fronts as clean and smooth as possible. 
So here is the example picture again and here is the finished product.  The drawer fronts look so much better with the rebuild. 
Not to shabby eh?  I am really happy with how this turned out.  I am more excited and looking forward to building more from raw lumber in the future! 

Have a great day!
Love Lori

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