Sunday, March 8, 2015

Step stool

So this piece my husband did most of the painting on.  He has been working from the office a bunch lately and is itching to paint something. 
It started by looking like this:
It was an old stool headed for the landfill because it was falling apart.  He repaired the boards and removed the top to replace the rusted and damaged hinges. 
Then he sprayed the whole stool in Behr premium pure white paint.  
After I taped the step area while he cooked dinner.  :D  I chose the color combo and design but he did most of the work. 
He painted the little dipped feet and I taped off where I wanted to do stripes.  I was such a bone head and I used masking tape ((not recommended)) it bleeds under the edge but I was in a pinch and out of the good blue & green stuff.
After a bit of touch ups with the colors, I think it turned out well.  
So here it is all done.  The top slides back to allow it to be stairs or it stays forward to use as a seat.  My hubby did a great job and I am happy to have him paint with me any day.  

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