Friday, January 9, 2015

A painting predicament

Last month I purchased a whole bunch of paint test colors.   I was so excited to buy little project sized paints in blues, greens, pinks and all the colors I only needed a little sample size of. 
After tax each comes to about $4 and that includes them tinting it to any color you choose.  I was super happy,  until I opened one a few weeks later.  It was completely solid!  Then I opened them all,  this is a picture of the best one. 
It just looks like it needs to be stirred, right? 
It's turned to paste.   Now this wasn't chalk paint or specialty paint,  it was just latex samples.  Then I went and checked my custom paint I had made and put in bottles,  they were completely solid as well.   I have had paint in cans that I have stored in the garage and it has lasted forever.  I am not sure why but plastic and glass containers seem to make the paint get hard in a short amount of time because of the temperature changes in my garage.  
    I am blogging about it just to let you know my mistake so if you are doing projects at home you don't throw money away like I just did.  It was only about $25 dollars but when you have a tight budget that can really hurt. 
On a good note,  I had splurged and paid about $4 for this scented paint additive before, and I tried it today.  I love Glade's scents for my home and I wanted to see if this made the paint smell as good as the air freshener and candles I use.  It does!  
I only added a couple of drops to an unfrozen sample. (it was in my laundry room, where I am going to start storing my paint from now on)  I am glad my tiredness/laziness of not wanting to go back in the cold saved this little guy.  It smells great and less like stinky paint!
   I had the hubby and kids smell the regular scent sample and the additive one and say which one they liked better.  It was unanimous.  The packaging said your project is supposed to retain the good smell for several weeks,  on walls or wherever you paint.  I will be trying the other scents in the future,  it was a really pleasant smell and I enjoyed painting much more with using it.   
   I am not getting paid to mention any of these products so when I tell you that I like them,  it is genuine!  
  I did get some work done on a dresser that I am staining/painting and I should have more photos tomorrow.  

Lots of luck with your projects!  

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