Sunday, January 18, 2015

Innovative lighting

My friend over at The American Rust Company (a local Utah company) designs neat,  one of a kind,  lighting out of old tools and materials.  I enjoy when people are creative and come up with designs that are innovative and beautiful. I thought you might like to see some of his works.  I am not getting paid to endorse his products but someday I think it would be fun to work with him to design my own lighting. 
I will start with my favorite ones.  This old distressed wood chandelier has two pendant lights.  The photo looks like it's in a bedroom but I would love to see these type of lights dangling over a kitchen island.  
Here is one over a dining table.  Look at those cool old wheel pulleys!  The blue glass color is beautiful,  it's also my favorite color.  I am a modern design kinda girl for my own space but I appreciate the old and rustic charm!  
This old wood piece is great for a lower profile area.  Neat old farm treasures re-purposed and made beautiful again. 
Look at this neat old lantern that has been transformed into a classic bedside lamp.  I could see this in a boy's bedroom with old train decor.   I love  seeing other people create art and style out of everyday items.  If you get a moment,  feel free to pop over and check out his page. 

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