Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 year end review

I wanted to look back and go over some of the projects I have made this last year. 
I loved making this little biscuit tufted lion bench.  I cut the front piece with my scroll saw from a pattern on another bench.  I loved the way this one turned out,  I need to get back to making another one similar.
I made this set using duck egg blue as my base color.  
I updated a plain white nightstand for our guest room and I also refinished a dresser in that room to match.  
I turned this coffee table into an ottoman for a good friend to match her sofa and pillows.  
I painted and numbered this dresser for my two girls.  
This pink and yellow bench was a joy to make,  I really enjoyed this one. 
Some jobs were simple,  like this reappholster chair.  
Others were a bit more complicated and stretched my skill level. 
Some projects were made for gifts and others were just made for fun.
Each project took on a life all their own. 
Each one I fell in love with during the process. 
I learned a lot, that will help me in my new adventures for the next year. 
There are some things I have made that I don't have photo's for because I didn't start blogging until the end of 2014.  
I will try and do a better job at photographing more steps and more of my crafts. 
Here is to 2014,  a fun year and a pretty productive one.   Hopefully 2015 is a fantastic year for all of us! 

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