Monday, November 24, 2014

Question from Sage

New ideas for old furniture.

I got a question from a blog reader named Sage about what to do with this old media cabinet. 
It's a little outdated but the wood and glass are still nice and in good shape.   A lot of people have these left over from the days of deep and heavy tv's but with the new era of flat and lightweight tv's they have been filling the spaces of many thrift stores.  We brainstormed some ideas: 
There has been a lot of mini kitchens made from these and they are fabulous for small kids. 
Some have been turned into great landing pads for hats coats and gloves. 
A laundry room organizer is another way to give it new life.  Just add a small tension rod for hanging clothes. 
Another fun idea for kids is a dress up closet for her very best princess wear. 
Some might like additional kitchen storage. 
Or another idea we found is adult beverage bar.  Really the best use for turning something old into something new is to think of the best plan for YOUR home and lifestyle. 
If indoors if full of furniture,  a good potting table might come in handy!  Just make sure any outdoor furniture is solid wood and not a laminate and that it is sealed with a good waterproof clear coat to withstand the weather.  What do you think?  What would you suggest the transformation to become?  Please comment below and share your ideas!  If you have a question or need to brainstorm an idea please message me with your dilemma. 

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