Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Some progress on my ottoman part 1/2 of ottoman

I am making a button tufted ottoman for my friend and client Kristi.  She has seen some of my other ottomans I have made in the past and has commissioned me to making one for her.  First we started with this cute claw foot coffee table. 
She picked this pretty Waverly fabric that was at the local Jo-Anne's fabric store for the colors and pattern that will match her room. 
The top one is for the ottoman and the other fabrics are ones she has to compliment it. 
Then we started by painting the table.  My hubby did most of the painting on this one, except the final coat.  I think he is having fun doing projects with me and he has been working in the office at work too much lately so he is itching to get his hands dirty.  
I used fabric and a button cover kit to apply the fabric.  
I added a bit of glue before pressing the backs on,  I want to make sure it lasts.  I was recently at a furniture store and an ottoman was on clearance because most of the buttons had lost their front covers. I thought how a tiny bit of glue would have solved that headache,  so I make sure to add it to mine. 
My hands are incredibly weak so I used a clamp to squeeze the button covers on.  When you feel a little pop,  they are on perfect.  It takes a lot of pressure so the clamp (which was a recent idea) saved me from tearing up and bruising my hands badly. 

I was wanting to try the tufting another way than I have ever done before so I started by mapping out on a pegboard where I wanted the tufts.  My measurements were a little off to begin with so there are a few different color circles until I could get it right. 
Then I marked using a marker on the back of the foam where I needed to place my buttons. 
Regular needles will not be long enough to get through the 3" foam and batting on top so I used 6"+ upholstry needles and super strong upholstry thread.  Regular thread will break with the pressure you will need to pull.
Here are the needles I got at Hobby Lobby. 
This is the back of that foam after I pulled the thread through and used scraps of material for the backing so the small knots won't rip through.  YouTube has great video's of doing these if you need more detailed examples.  
Then I placed the foam on top to start seeing the overall picture.  It's not attached yet but it's getting closer.  I didn't like how flat it looked (I like the deeper more luxurious padding) so I added extra batting between the buttons.  
I cut it into small squares and used a stir stick to slide it into place under the fabric. 
It might not look like much difference but the top feels much less square and so much softer. 
If it looks a little lumpy right now,  don't worry.  When I smooth it a little and staple the top to the underside of the lip of the table it will even more of the lumps out.  I have more work to do tomorrow,  I need to seal and antique the paint.  I need to glue the foam to the table, staple the fabric and add the trim ribbon and then this piece will be ready. 


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  1. You are probably getting tired of my saying how impressed (and envious) I am by your skill. It's nice that people have different talents and abilities...it makes for a harmonious community where various talents are shared and appreciated.