Friday, November 21, 2014

You will never look at your shower curtain the same way again!

I was looking at some ideas online for big print fabric to use for furniture and decor. I stumbled across an idea about using fabric shower curtains in multiple ways,  a shower curtain..... genius!  I then looked up some fun styles online and on Pinterest.   I thought about how I could find a way to incorporate my favorite patterns inexpensively around the house.  Here are some ideas: 
First I love maps and hot air balloons so this one jumped out at me.  Some ideas I came across were to frame as art. 
Color and pattern is a fast way to change up the look of a room and this would be easy to change out.  Cut out to frame size and you could staple or hot glue it in place. 
Or make a frame using 1x2's and then stretch the fabric across the wood and tack or glue in place. 
Here they added a color mat to add to the art feel.  
Want to make a huge wall decoration for the kids?  Shower curtain!  Really!  
In this photo they mounted the shower curtain to a plywood board to make a headboard.   An inexpensive way to make a statement when cloth shower curtains can run from $9-$70 when art can be so much more costly.
You can use the whole thing....
Or just part of the pattern to make a statement.  
There are old photo's,  or more modern works of art.
The options are endless and with Etsy,  Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon and countless online stores you can find practically anything you want.   I have a love of everything vintage travel,  how cute would this be framed next to a globe and some vintage suitcases? 

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