Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Headboard bench

I began working on Jessica's headboard bench by showing her the headboards I have in stock.  
She has been to my house and has seen my owl headboard bench in my livingroom 
She wanted a storage bench but for a much smaller footprint.  A maximum of 16" deep.  Jessica chose the middle headboard and we began.  
I started with a lot of measuring,  sanding,  filling holes and making pocket screws.  
Then I used the yellow square to mke sure my angles were perfect before screwing them together.  
After getting the frame work complete I looked at placing the wood on the inside or outside. 
For sure I liked the look of the wood being inside the frame.  
I needed feet for the front of the storage bench,  usually I use the posts by cutting the footboard in half and using the rails and the feet together.  She wanted no big front posts like my owl bench has and for size we are keeping this one small but stylized. 
Here are the front feet,  cute!  They will look great with the matching back feet,  much better than if I just made the storage all the way to the floor or chose other feet. 
Here is my handsome hubby.  I am putting his photo up here because he helped me with this bench more than he has on any other project.  The day my surgery was postponed he took me out and got me this new finish nailer.  He was showing me how to use it.  I had been intimidated by air tools because of the noise but the more I use it the more I love it! 
Yes,  This is me.  I often consult with my hubby about my projects because he is a construction manager with a MBA so he usually has great insight. 
I got the moveable part of the lid cut out on my jigsaw.  It was a big mistake,  I didn't use my table saw because it is a frightening implement of death. 
My table saw needs a new blade it is dull and scary and I would really like to get a safety cutting guide.  In trying to skip this machine I used my jig saw and I didn't get the straight cuts I was needing. 
  I ended up going to ACE hardware with my measurements and the nice guys there had a great sharp table saw blade and cut my repurchased board. A new blade and a safety guide,  that will be my next purchase!  
I had a wild idea about putting little decorative arms on it.  So I free hand drew a shape I thought would look nice and cut a few samples until I found the right shape. 
Here is the bench before, and here is after.
I think the little arms add a lot.  This is before sanding so they look a little rough right now.  
I have been rounding the corners of the front of the bench a bit for safety and astehetics and filling the nail holes.  I am hoping today to finish the filling and sanding process,  get the arms attached and prime it for paint!  

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  1. "Frightening implement of death!" LOLOL! It's gonna be great!